CFO YES! Business Assistance When You Need It.

Working hard at your small business should not mean you have to be an accountant too so call CFOYES.

My Business is Small--Is This Affordable?

You've taken the hardest step; that was getting started. Now it's time to protect what you've built. You're great at what you know; you shouldn't have to become a lawyer and an accountant too. Going to law firms that send you to accounting firms is never a fun experience and the costs can be high. I provide everything you will need in one place with a simple, low-cost plan that you can use to protect yourself and your business from all of the traps out there (liability, fines, penalties, tax problems, payroll, etc.). With a FREE consultation to help you get started, you have nothing to lose.

You already work hard at your business so call CFOYES to do all things accounting and legal for you.

I Know I Need Help--How Do I Get Started?

You have a business to run; that's why you need an "all-in-one" professional that can come directly to you. At CFO-Yes, I provide a FREE, no obligation consultation by coming to your business. I will help you understand and tackle the most important problems facing your business and you can choose how to tailor the solution to your current situation. With CFO-Yes you only get what you need and not other expensive services that you weren't looking for. The goal of CFO-YES is to get you back to what you're best at--your business!

CFOYES can assist with business formation, tax, financial reporting, fraud prevention and employees.

What Items Should I Get Help With Right Away?

While every business has different needs and requirements, here are some important things that shouldn't be neglected because they can really impact your bottom line if left unchecked:

  1. Business structure (LLCs, operating arrangements, etc.);
  2. Business taxes, tax strategy and tax setup;
  3. Internal recordkeeping and financial reports;
  4. Operations, fraud and embezzlement prevention;
  5. Your employer/employee policies and procedures.

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